'Converge: Ghraib Bag'

Michael Rees

2008 - other: concrete, fiberglass

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Michael Rees developed a method of working that combines animations and industrial manufactured forms. Located within the grotesque and the uncanny, his large scale sculptures and media experiences engage the viewer in a dialogue focused on political realities.  The idea for this work grew out of art historical antecedents, reconfigured to address our present day political experiences- in this piece specifically, a nation at war forced to extremes that include stretching legalities and engaging in torture.   

With references to photographs from Abu Ghraib as well as referencing the works of Hans Bellmer and Bruce Nauman, Converge: Ghraib Bag is a conglomeration of bodies struggling to occupy the same corporeal space.  The sense of multiple conciousnesses struggling against each other is enhanced through animation seen here, http://thwack.tv/mobile/v and asks the viewer to consider our divided culture in relationship to our political and moral judgements.







About the Work
About the Work
other: concrete, fiberglass
204 in x 84 in x 72 in
Putto Series
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Converge: Ghraib Bag by Michael Rees

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  • Converge: Ghraib Bag by Michael Rees